Education in step with the world

In an age of new technologies and teaching methods, Louvain4Education is the Louvain4 platform that seizes on questions of education, training and teaching.

Louvain4Education is a multidisciplinary research consortium that addresses educational issues linked to society’s evolution, offers lifelong learning programmes and helps appraise the value of acquired professional experience. Taking the lead is a growing team of UCL researchers and field professionals committed to developing innovative teaching initiatives. Louvain4Education is part of the Louvain4 interdisciplinary research initiative, which aims to meet the great challenges of our time.

Research and action areas

Louvain4Education develops projects in:

  • information and communication technologies (MOOC);
  • active teaching methods;
  • health education;
  • fundamental philosophical, historical, political, economic, social and ethical issues;
  • related to teaching and education.

Some of Louvain4Education’s projects:  

  • Architecture-psy
  • DiagnoSciences: A computer-based tool intended for secondary school students aspiring to higher education in science to measure their knowledge and skills and compare them to required prerequisites.