Flooding and mud flow risk


Research Field and Subjects

  • Study of the processes controlling flooding and mud flow risk, in particular:
  1. rainfall-runoff and surface sediment transport;
  2. the connectivity of surface flow in terms of soil surface properties (roughness, infiltration capacity, etc…);
  3. the space-time distribution of moisture content;
  4. hydraulic properties and other physical properties of the soil surface by means of geophysical and nearby remote sensing techniques.
  • Development and improvement of flood risk and mud flow models on different spatial scales.
  • Development of model parameterisation schemes in terms of soil structure on different scales.
  • Development of techniques for identifying the physical properties of soil, in particular inversion techniques.
  • Design and evaluation of flood and sediment control technologies and strategies and techniques for sustainable soil and water management.

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Contacts: Charles BIELDERS, Mathieu JAVAUX, Sebastien LAMBOT, Marnik VANCLOOSTER, Bas VAN WESEMAEL

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