A better understanding of water

Water is a complex resource from a research perspective. Louvain4Water is the Louvain4 platform that is focusing on this strategic area.

Louvain4Water is a multidisciplinary research platform for developing fundamental and applied research activities, advanced training programmes and services related to water. Its added value? Putting to work the unrivalled expertise of some 100 UCL researchers in the water sector from North to South. Louvain4Water is part of the Louvain4 interdisciplinary research initiative, which aims to meet the great challenges of today and tomorrow.

Research areas

Louvain4Water develops projects in:

  • water resource management;
  • risk management (floods, drought, pollution, conflict);
  • political and socio-economic governance;
  • exploitation and distribution;
  • health and sanitation.

Some of Louvain4Water’s projects:

  • Developing regional groundwater pollution risk assessment methodologies. The goal? Protecting drinking water resources.
  • Investigating the mechanisms and regulation of water transport through biological membranes in the context of peritoneal dialysis, a renal replacement therapy for patients with end-stage renal disease.
  • From Land Rush to Water Rush: Developing a participatory approach to integrated water resource management in the African Great Lakes Region, by creating a simulation game based on water access action research.


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