Soil and water contamination risk


Research fields and subjects

  • Study of the fate and transport of chemicals of natural and anthropogenic origin, particular agricultural origin, in soil and water.
  • Study of pollution pressure on soil and water resources.
  • Development of analytical techniques to assess soil and water contamination risks.
  • Development of geophysical, in particular hydrogeophysical prospecting techniques for contamination risk assessment.
  • Development of mathematical models (deterministic and stochastic) to simulate water and chemical transport in soil and water systems on different spatial scales.
  • Study of the relationships between widely available land attributes (soil map, land use map,…) and the functioning of soil and water systems in terms of contamination and pollution attenuation.
  • Development of advanced stochastic techniques for contamination risk mapping.

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Contacts: Mathieu JAVAUX, Marnik VANCLOOSTER, Sebastien LAMBOT, Charles BIELDERS, Philippe SONNET, Joseph DUFEY, Pierre DELMELLE, Bruno DELVAUX, Patrick BOGAERT, Emmanuel HANERT

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