Project description

This project investigates how urban wastewater and stormwater drainage services can undergo a fundamental transition over time, responding to the urgent need for a more sustainable practice. The project aims at analysing, conceptualising, mapping and classifying the changes of co-production practices in different stages in order to identify their contribution to a sustainable transition; a transition that ensures a basic needs' delivery and adapts to future climate and urbanisation challenges. In addition to creating a theoretical framework, three city-level case studies are included: the case study in Brussels considers a change necessitated by the malfunctioning of often-combined water infrastructures in the lower-lying areas. The case studies in Dar es Salaam and Dakar (provisionary) also consider a change, here necessitated by the lack of existing infrastructures in certain urban areas.

Keywords, main expertise

co-production; water and sanitation services; urban; socio-ecological; socio-technical; Global South; transition; Belgium

Funding bodies


UCLouvain promotor(s)

Prof. Chiara Cavalieri
Prof. Sergio Altomonte

UCLouvain researcher(s)

Evelien Van den Bruel

External partners

ULB (Prof. Luisa Moretto and dr. Giuseppe Faldi), main promoter