Louvain4Work is an interdisciplinary research consortium that brings together the various expertise of UCLouvain to understand the transformations of work in their complexities.

Louvain4Work is part of the Louvain4 transversal research initiative, which aims to provide concrete solutions to the problems of our time.


17/10/2019 Inauguration

Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to invite you to the launching ceremony of the Louvain4Work Action on 17 october 2019 from 12.30 till 15.00. The objetcive of the meeting is to present more into...


The puzzle of pensions is in good hands

  Demographic change obliges all governments to address the issue of pensions. Prof. Pierre Devolder has just created the Ethias Chair of Excellence and, with other colleagues, an...

What will work be like tomorrow?

Co-working, telecommuting, robotisation, digitisation, individualisation – the world of work is changing. Convinced that these changes and their effects in terms of health, work and space...

HR: a changing profession

A team from the UCLouvain Louvain School Management has published a white paper on human resources management in the non-profit sector. These poorly known jobs are at the forefront of...