SECURE SOCIETIES: protecting freedom and security of Europe and its Citizen

DL: 14 November 2018 -  SECURE SOCIETIES- protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens call for proposals 2018 is opened.

The core of research in this area is the development of new products to meet the needs of security practitioners. Research is not just about developing new technologies or applying emerging technologies, but also requires understanding phenomena such as violent radicalization and the development of more effective policies and interventions. This means social sciences and the humanities will be involved.

A total indicative budget of EUR 704.59 Million is allocated to this programme.

Focus areas

The activities funded by the current Work Programme are organized in eight sections:

  • Reduced loss of life and reduced environmental, material and economic losses from natural and man-made disasters.
  • Key infrastructure better protected against natural and man-made threats, including cyber-attacks.
  • New products that meet the needs of security practitioners in the EU, including for investigating and prosecuting crime (including cybercrime) and terrorism.
  • EU borders better secured against the entry of undesirable persons or goods.
  • Ensuring a secure and trusted networked environment for the governments, businesses and individuals, thus positioning the EU as a world leader in building a more secure digital economy.
  • Support for EU and national policies related to security, including those focusing on prevention.
  • Space-related research harnessed to support security.
  • Better understanding of the complex and interrelated drivers and societal contexts of security challenges including in particular radicalization and polarization.

Description and conditions of the open calls (check the Sort by Deadline radio button):

Contact details at UCL: feel free to contact Mr Dodji Amouzou (+32(0)10-47.35.14) if you have any questions about this work program.

Published on August 24, 2018