Admission to the doctorate is a procedure which aims to check whether a candidate can start doctoral studies, and in this case give him a "registration authorization". This authorization must be provided to the Registration Services (SIC) upon registration. Entries are issued by the CSD.

Registration authorization may be granted on the basis of a simplified procedure, known as pre-admission. This is valid for one year and must be followed by the complete admission procedure. Unlike admission, pre-admission does not require the writing of a detailed research project, not the constitution of the doctoral support committee.

Procedure for admission to the doctorate for any candidate:

Create an admission application file to be encoded online via the application. This file includes :

  • Name(s) of the promoter(s) who agreed to supervise your doctorate.

  • A research project with provisional title, statement of objectives, innovation in relation to the state of the art, work plan, and inventory of human, material and financial resources to be implemented (this project must be approved by the the promoter(s)).

  • The composition of the support committee. The accompanying committee will consist of the promoter(s) and at least two other members of which at least one is not a member of the same research team as the promotor(s).

  • The candidate's curriculum vitae

  • A 60-credit doctoral training program adapted to the candidate's scientific profile and meeting the needs of the proposed research project (this program must be approved by all the members of thesupport committee). The project must be sufficiently detailed to show that there was a real reflection between the candidate and the members of the support committee as to the adequacy of the research needs and the scope of the proposed program.This project can of course be modified in the course of the PhD. As a reminder, the success of the tests of confirmation, private defense and public defense can be valued at the rate of 5, 10 and 5 credits respectively.

The application will only be introduced through the following link.

Be careful when adding a PDF file, make sure that it has a reasonable size. Otherwise an error message will appear. It is best to scan your documents.

Specific additional procedure for the admission to the doctorale for international candidates :

An international candidate means a candidate who has a graduate degree from outside Belgium or his/her current residence outside the European Union.

For these students, it is important to know that two procedures must be followed in order to obtain the authorization of inscription :

  • The completion of the online inscription procedure for foreign students at the enrollment service (SIC) of the UCL
  • The admission procedure (possibly preceded by the pre-admission) mentioned above, please also attach :
    • A copy of the completed foreign student form (see above).
    • Copies of all universities, undergraduate and graduate degrees.
    • Transcripts of all your academic and graduate years.

The two procedures must be followed in parallel since the registration authorization will be issued by the CDD only when the two agreements were reached following these two procedures. Please note that if you need registration authorization to apply for a scholarship, for a visa, for a residence permit, etc... You have to do complete both procedures in time !