Musée L (MUSE)


Technical and scientific expertise

Musée L is a technology platform with a dual mission: to enhance the university’s collections from a museographical point of view on the one hand, and from a scientific point of view on the other.

It is therefore both a museum that serves society and an education and research centre.

  • Due to the diversity and uniqueness of the collections held for education and research, Musée L is a formidable educational, cultural and scientific resource.
  • The collections represent powerful and original tools for teaching, diversifying learning methods, and awakening critical thinking and sensitivity.
  • Teachers, students and researchers can use the tools as raw material. And in so doing, their practices weave culture into the very heart of their academic responsibilities.
  • As a university and public museum, Musée L plays a role in serving society by making itself accessible to a wide audience: young and old and people from various sociocultural backgrounds.
  • Musée L also contributes to meeting the demands of the university community for event services in order to raise UCLouvain’s profile.

Services available to

  • UCLouvain students, teachers and researchers
  • General public