Lauréat·e·s ERC

L'UCLouvain est fière de compter dans ses rangs plusieurs lauréat·e·s du Conseil Européen de la Recherche - European Research Council (ERC).

TThese projects have received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme (2021-2027), the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (2014-2020) or the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (2007-2013).

François MASSONNET - 1/01/2023 au 31/12/2027 - ...


Early warning of future rapid Arctic sea ice loss The Arctic is currently transitioning toward a new climatic state that will be characterized by seasonally sea-ice-free conditions almost every year from the 2050s, with widespread ecological, climatic, and societal consequences. There is...
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Valentin COUVREUR - 1/10/2022 au 30/09/2027 - ERC-2021-StG-LS9 - Panel


The Plant Water Pump With global warming, climate zones are projected to shift poleward, and the frequency and intensity of droughts to increase, driving threats to crop production and ecosystems. Plant hydraulic traits play major roles in coping with such droughts, and process-based plant...
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Pascal GEHRING - 1/05/2022 au 30/04/2027 (tbc) - ERC-2021-StG - Panel PE3


Molecular Quantum Heat Engines Heat engines are an integral part of our daily lives. They power cars or produce electricity by converting heat into work. Increasing their efficiency is very difficult and only marginal improvements have been achieved over the last decades. Thus, to reach the...
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David DE LA CROIX - 01.01.2021 au 31.12.2025 - ERC-2019-AdG - Panel SH1


DID ELITE HUMAN CAPITAL TRIGGER THE RISE OF THE WEST? INSIGHTS FROM A NEW DATABASE OF EUROPEAN SCHOLARS My aim is to determine the role of elite knowledge and upper-tail human capital (UTHC) in triggering the rise of the West. I propose to build a database of a large sample of academic...
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Anthony PAPAVASILIOU - 01.11.2020 au 31.10.2025 - ERC-2019-StG - Panel PE7


SCALABLE OPTIMIZATION OF POWER SYSTEMS WITH FLEXIBLE DEMAND AND RENEWABLE SUPPLY The large-scale integration of renewable resources in electric power systems requires the mobilization of flexible consumers who can adapt their consumption to the variable and uncertain fluctuation of...
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Raphaël JUNGERS - 01.09.2020 au 31.08.2025 - ERC-2019-CoG - Panel PE7


LEARNING TO CONTROL - SMART AND DATA-DRIVEN FORMAL METHODS FOR CYBER-PHYSICAL SYSTEMS CONTROL The engineered systems surrounding us are increasingly hard to control. Not only the complicated interaction of the physical processes with the machines that control them, but also specifications...
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Véronique DEHANT - 01.09.2020 au 31.08.2024 - ERC-2019-SyG


PROBING THE DEEP EARTH'S INTERIOR BY SYNERGISTIC USE OF OBSERVATIONS OF THE MAGNETIC AND GRAVITY FIELDS, AND OF THE ROTATION OF THE EARTH What is inside the Earth? Our knowledge of the internal structure of our planet has increased significantly, but so much remains unknown. Currently the...
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Ana BELOQUI GARCIA - 01.01.2020 au 31.12.2024 - ERC-2019-StG - Panel LS7


EXPLOITING THE PATHOPHYSIOLOGY OF THE GUT TOWARDS INNOVATIVE ORAL PEPTIDE DELIVERY STRATEGIES The development of new oral drug delivery systems that will enable the absorption of therapeutic peptides to the systemic circulation is one of the greatest current challenges for the...
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Anne REVERSEAU - 1.07.2019 au 30.06.2024 - ERC-2018-StG - Panel SH5


WRITERS HANDLING PICTURES: A MATERIAL INTERMEDIALITY (1880-TODAY) Not only does the writer’s hand hold the pen, it manipulates pictures as well. Writers touch, hoard, cut, copy, pin and paste various kinds of pictures and these actions integrate literature in visual culture in many ways that...
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Corentin CLAEYS-BOUUAERT - 01.07.2019 au 30.06.2023 - ERC-2018-StG - Panel LS1


BREAKING AND REBUILDING THE GENOME: MECHANISTIC RULES FOR THE DANGEROUS GAME OF SEX Sexual reproduction depends on the programmed induction of DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) and their ensuing repair by homologous recombination. This complex process is essential for sexual...
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Philipp KIRCHER - 01.05.2019 au 30.04.2024 - ERC-2018-CoG


UTILISING THE KNOWLEDGE OF PAST TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGES TO UNDERSTAND FUTURE IMPACTS The transformational power of innovation in information technology over the production process of firms is an undeniable fact. When this change affects the size and structure of a firm, it is called...
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Sylvie NOZARADAN - 01.04.2019 au 31.03.2024 - ERC-2018-StG - Panel SH4

Rhythm and Brains

HOW MUSICAL RHYTHM MOVES HUMANS: FUNCTIONAL MECHANISMS OF ENTRAINMENT AND PERCEPTION-ACTION COUPLING Entrainment to music is a culturally widespread activity with increasingly recognized pro-social ang therapeutic effects. Music powerfully compels us to move to the musical rhythm, showcasing...
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Géraldine LALOUX - 01.01.2019 au 31.12.2023 - ERC-2018-StG - Panel LS3


REVEALING THE CELL BIOLOGY OF PREDATORY BACTERIUM IN SPACE AND TIME The model predatory bacterium Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus feeds upon other Gram-negative bacteria, including pathogenic strains. Upon entry inside the periplasmic space of the prey envelope, B. bacteriovorus initiates...
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Yurii NESTEROV - 01.09.2018 au 31.08.2023 - ERC-2017-AdG - Panel PE1


ACELERATED CONVEX OPTIMIZATION The amazing rate of progress in the computer technologies and telecommunications presents many new challenges for Optimization Theory. New problems are usually very big in size, very special in structure and possibly have a distributed data support. This...
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Alexandru VLAD - 01.09.2018 au 31.08.2023 - ERC-2017-CoG - Panel PE8


MIX-IN ORGANIC-INORGANIC REDOX EVENTS FOR HIGH ENERGY BATTERIES The ever-increasing demand for improved electrochemical energy storage technologies has fostered intense, worldwide and interdisciplinary research over the past decade. The field of positive electrode materials remains largely...
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Guido BOMMER - 01.05.2018 au 30.04.2023 - ERC-2017-CoG - Panel LS4


NOVEL METABOLIC PATHWAYS IN CANCER Metabolic adaptations in central carbon metabolism play a key role in cancer.Yet, the success of therapeutic interventions in major pathways has been limited, although some of the changes have been known to exist for almost 100 years. Biochemical...
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David ALSTEENS - 01.01.2018 au 31.12.2022 - ERC-2017-StG - Panel PE4


DECIPHERING VIRUS-HOST INTERACTIONS USING CORRELATED CONFOCAL-ATOMIC FORCE MICROSCOPY   Viruses are a major class of pathogens that infect a variety of organisms. Infection is a multistep process that involves the concerted action of both virus and host cell machineries. The first...
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Patricia LUIS ALCONERO - 01.01.2018 au 31.12.2022 - ERC-2017-StG - Panel PE8


BIOMIMETIC FIXATION OF CO2 AS SOURCE OF SALTS AND GLUCOSE The continued increase in the atmospheric concentration of CO2 due to anthropogenic emissions is leading to significant changes in climate, with the industry accounting for one-third of all the energy used globally and for almost...
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Godefroid DE CALLATAŸ - 01.10.2017 au 30.09.2022 - ERC-2016-AdG - Panel SH5


THE ORIGIN AND EARLY DEVELOPMENT OF PHILOSOPHY IN TENTH-CENTURY AL-ANDALUS: THE IMPACT OF ILL-DEFINED MATERIALS AND CHANNELS OF TRANSMISSION The objective of PhilAnd is to conduct a large-scale exploration of how, and under which form, philosophy appeared for the first time in al-Andalus....
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Sophie OPFERGELT - 01.09.2017 au 31.08.2022 - ERC-2016-StG - Panel PE10


MINERAL WEATHERING IN THAWING PERMAFROST: CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES Enhanced thawing of the permafrost in response to warming of the Earth’s high latitude regions exposes previously frozen soil organic carbon (SOC) to microbial decomposition, liberating carbon to the atmosphere and creating a...
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François-Xavier STANDAERT - 01.09.2017 au 31.08.2022 -ERC-2016-CoG - Panel PE6


SECURITY WITHOUT OBSCURITY FOR RELIABLE DEVICES Cryptographic implementations are traditionally evaluated based on a trade-off between security and efficiency. However, when it comes to physical security against attacks exploiting side-channel leakages or fault insertions, this approach is...
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Philippe CHATELAIN - 01.09.2017 au 31.08.2022 - ERC-2016-CoG - Panel PE8


LEARNING AND COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE FOR OPTIMIZED OPERATIONS IN WAKE FLOWS Physics dictate that a flow device has to leave a wake or the signature of it producing sustentation forces, extracting energy, or simply moving through the medium; these flow structures can then impact negatively or...
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Xavier DUMAY - 01.09.2017 au 31.08.2022 - ERC-2016-StG - Panel SH3


CULTURAL ROOTS AND INSTITUTIONAL TRANSFORMATIONS OF TEACHERS’ CAREERS AND THE TEACHING PROFESSION IN EUROPE The teaching profession is central to a number of major issues concerning the possible futures of educational systems. The functioning of the profession suffers from low...
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Virginie VAN INGELGOM - 01.04.2017 au 31.03.2022 - ERC-2016-StG - Panel SH2


ERODING DEMOCRACIES. A QUALITATIVE (RE-)APPRAISAL OF HOW POLICIES SHAPE QUALIDEM is an interdisciplinary project that intends to bridge the gap between scholars of public policy and students of mass politics. Based on their previous research, it brings together Virginie Van Ingelgom...
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Aude SIMAR - 01.01.2017 au 31.12.2021 - ERC-2016-StG - Panel PE8


DAMAGE HEALING STRATEGIES FOR DURABLE LIGHT METALS ALUFIX proposes an original strategy for the development of aluminium-based materials involving damage mitigation and extrinsic self-healing concepts exploiting the new opportunities of the solid-state friction stir process. Friction stir...
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Yves DUFRÊNE - 01.10.2016 au 30.09.2021 - ERC-2015-AdG - Panel PE4


FORCE NANOSCOPY OF STAPHYLOCOCCAL BIOFILMS Staphylococcus aureus is a leading cause of hospital-acquired infections, which are often complicated by the ability of this pathogen to grow as biofilms on indwelling medical devices. Because biofilms protect the bacteria from host defenses and...
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Jean-François REMACLE - 01.10.2016 au 30.09.2021 - ERC-2015-AdG - Panel PE8


HEXAHEDRAL MESH GENERATION IN REAL TIME Over one million finite element analyses are preformed in engineering offices every day and finite elements come with the price of mesh generation. This proposal aims at creating two breakthroughs in the art of mesh generation that will be directly...
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Laura MERLA - 01.09.2016 au 31.08.2021 - ERC-2015-StG - Panel SH2


CHILDREN IN MULTI-LOCAL POST-SEPARATION FAMILIES MobileKids is a research project funded by the European Research Council and conducted by Prof. Laura Merla and her team of sociologists from the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Families and Sexualities from the University of Louvain....
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Ingrid VAN KEILEGOM - 01-09-2016 au 30-11-2016 - ERC-2015-AdG - Panel PE1 (HI : KUL)


SEMIPARAMETRIC INFERENCE FOR COMPLEX AND STRUCTURAL MODELS IN SURVIVAL ANALYSIS In survival analysis investigators are interested in modeling and analysing the time until an event happens. It often happens that the available data are right censored, which means that only a lower bound of...
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Patrice CANI - 01.07.2016 au 31.02.2017 - ERC-2015-POC


STUDY OF THE THERAPEUTIC POTENTIAL OF AN AKKERMANSIA MUCINIPHILA-BASED PRODUCTS Overweight and obesity have reached worldwide epidemic level. Both overweight and obesity are characterized by comorbidities such as cardio-metabolic risk factors (i.e., insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes,...
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Patrick MEYFROIDT - 01.05.2016 au 30.04.2021 - ERC-2015-StG - Panel SH3


DEVELOPING MIDDLE-RANGE THEORIES LINKING LAND USE DISPLACEMENT, INTENSIFICATION AND TRANSITIONS Land is a nexus for crucial societal and environmental challenges including food security, access to water, land degradation, biodiversity loss, and climate change. Development of solutions to...
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Sophie LUCAS - 01.04.2016 au 31.03.2021 - ERC-2015-CoG - Panel LS6


TARGETING TGF-Β ACTIVATION, LIKELY THE CORE MECHANISM OF IMMUNOSUPPRESSION BY HUMAN REGULATORY T CELLS Regulatory T lymphocytes (Tregs) inhibit immune responses and are required to maintain immune tolerance. Tregs express membrane protein GARP, which displays latent TGF-β1 on the cell...
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Véronique DEHANT - 01.09.2015 au 01.09.2020 - ERC-2014-AdG - Panel PE10 (HI : Observatoire royal de Belgique)


ROTATION AND NUTATION OF A WOBBLY EARTH The main objective of the project RotaNut is to significantly improve of the model for the orientation of the spin axis to just the sub-centimetre, which has never previously been achieved and which is the aim of all existing decadal surveys in geodesy....
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Claude DUHR - 01.09.2015 au 31.08.2020 - ERC-2014-StG - Panel PE2 (HI : CERN)


MATHEMATICAL STRUCTURES IN SCATTERING AMPLITUDES Among the most important mathematical quantities of interest in high-energy particle physics are the so-called scattering amplitudes, which allow us to make predictions for physical observables. Despite their importance, performing explicit...
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Olivier COLLIGNON - 01.04.2014 au 31.03.2020 - ERC-2013-StG - Panel SH4


MAPPING THE DEPRIVED VISUAL SYSTEM: CRACKING FUNCTION FOR PREDICTION One of the most striking demonstrations of experience-dependent plasticity comes from studies of blind individuals showing that the occipital cortex (traditionally considered as purely visual) massively changes its...
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André MOURAUX - 01.12.2013 au 30.11.2018 - ERC-2013-StG - Panel LS5


MULTIMODAL FUNCTIONAL NEUROIMAGING TECHNIQUES TO PROBE THE REPRESENTATION OF PAIN IN THE HUMAN BRAIN Pain may be defined as a primarily aversive perception that is vital for survival, as it incites the individual to respond to stimuli constituting a real or potential menace. However, pain...
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Patrice CANI - 1.10.2013 - 30.09.2018 - ERC-StG-2013 - Panel LS4


GUT MICROBIOTA, INNATE IMMUNITY AND ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM INTERACTIONS LINK METABOLIC INFLAMMATION WITH THE HALLMARKS OF OBESITY AND TYPE 2 DIABETES Obesity and type 2 diabetes are characterized by metabolic inflammation and an altered endocannabinoid system (eCB) tone. We have provided...
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Tom CLAEYS - 01.08.2012 au 31.07.2017 - ERC-2012-StG - Panel PE1


CRITICAL PHENOMENA IN RANDOM MATRIX THEORY AND INTEGRABLE SYSTEMS The main goal of the project is to create a research group on critical phenomena in random matrix theory and integrable systems at the Université Catholique de Louvain, where the PI was recently appointed. Random matrix...
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Bruno ROSSION - 01.02.2012 au 31.01.2017 - ERC-2011-StG - Panel SH4


UNDERSTANDING THE NATURE OF FACE PERCEPTION: NEW INSIGHTS FROM STEADY-STATE VISUAL EVOKED POTENTIALS Face recognition is one of the most complex functions of the human mind/brain, so that no artificial device can surpass human abilities in this function. The goal of this project is to...
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Pierre-Emmanuel CAPRACE - 01.12.2011 au 30.11.2016 - ERC-2011-StG - Panel PE1


SIMPLE LOCALLY COMPACT GROUPS: EXPLORING THE BOUNDARIES OF THE LINEAR WORLD The theory of locally compact groups stretches out between two antipodes: on one hand, connected groups whose structure, according to the solution to Hilbert fifth problem, is governed by Lie theory and is thus...
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Jean-François COLLET - 01.11.2011 au 31.10.2016 - ERC-2011-StG - Panel LS1


UNRAVELING THE CELLULAR SULFENOME: A SEARCH FOR NEW REDOX-REGULATED PATHWAYS Within proteins, cysteine residues are sensitive to oxidation by reactive oxygen species (ROS). The first oxidation product of cysteines exposed to ROS is the sulfenic acid derivative (-SOH). Sulfenic acids...
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François-Xavier STANDAERT - 01.10.2011 au 30.09.2016 - ERC-2011-StG - Panel PE6


CRYPTOGRAPHIC ALGORITHMS AND SECURE HARDWARE Side-channel attacks are an important threat against cryptographic implementations in which an adversary takes advantage of physical leakages, such as the power consumption of a smart card, in order to recover secret information. By...
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Tom DEDEURWAERDERE - 01.10.2011 au 30.09.2016 - ERC-2011-StG - Panel SH2


INSTITUTIONALIZING GLOBAL GENETIC-RESOURCE COMMONS. GLOBAL STRATEGIES FOR ACCESSING AND USING ESSENTIAL PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE ASSETS IN THE LIFE SCIENCES There has been a dramatic increase in interest in commons in the last 10 to 15 years, from traditional commons managing the use of exhaustible...
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François MANIQUET - 01.06.2011 au 31.05.2017 - ERC-2010-AdG - Panel SH1


POVERTY, RESOURCE EQUALITY, AND SOCIAL POLICIES This project aims at revisiting the economics of poverty by using recent advances in welfare economics. First, poverty measurement theory will be enriched by taking account of individual preferences over the several dimensions of poverty. New...
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Pierre SONVEAUX - 01.12.2009 au 30.11.2014 - ERC-2009-StG - Panel LS4


GLYCOLYTIC CONTRIBUTION TO CANCER GROWTH AND METASTASIS Cancer lethality is most often associated to occurrence of distant metastases. To grow and become aggressive, cancers may undergo 2 critical adaptations: the glycolytic switch, corresponding to uncoupling glycolysis from the...
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Michel CRUCIFIX - 01.09.2009 au 31.08.2014 - ERC-2009-StG - Panel PE10


INTEGRATED THEORY AND OBSERVATIONS OF THE PLEISTOCENE There are essentially two approaches to climate modelling. Over the past decades, efforts to understand climate dynamics have been dominated by computationally-intensive modelling aiming to include all possible processes, essentially by...
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André BERGER - 01.11.2008 au 31.10.2013 - ERC-2008-AdG - Panel PE10


AN INTENSE SUMMER MONSOON IN A COOL WORLD, CLIMATE AND EAST ASIAN MONSOON DURING INTERGLACIALS WITH A SPECIAL EMPHASIS ON THE INTERGLACIALS 500,000 YEARS AGO AND BEFORE Asian monsoon is a spectacular occurrence in the climate system. What make it so powerful are the combination of thermal...
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Ingrid VAN KEILEGOM - 01.07.2008 au 30.06.2014 - ERC-2007-StG - Panel PE1


M- AND Z-ESTIMATION IN SEMIPARAMETRIC STATISTICS : APPLICATIONS IN VARIOUS FIELDS The area of semiparametric statistics is, in comparison to the areas of fully parametric or nonparametric statistics, relatively unexplored and still in full development. Semiparametric models offer a valid...
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