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ERASMUS+ MSc in Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation for Environmental Modelling and Management (GEM)


GEM is a two-year Erasmus Mundus International Joint Master Degree Programme in “Geo-information Science and Earth Observation for Environmental Modelling and Management. Its aim is to deliver top class graduates coming from all over the world, with the skills and networks to better manage socio-ecological systems for sustainable and equitable growth. This Master degree is taught in English.


Partners. GEM is an international study programme, jointly delivered by four European universities: ITC-University of Twente (the Netherlands – programme coordinator), Lund University (Sweden), UCLouvain University (Belgium) and University of Tartu (Estonia). Each university brings expertise in different aspects of human-environment interaction challenges with applied geospatial science.


GEM also includes associate partners around the world from research, industry, public sector, and non-governmental organisations. Collaborating with them is designed to train students to become high-skilled professionals in GeoInformation (GI) and Earth observation (EO) science with a solid foundation in applied socio-environmental/socio-ecological modelling.


Programme structure. GEM is organised into a foundation year and a specialisation year with 4 unique education tracks to choose from. Each year is spent at a different university in a different European country, depending on the track chosen. Each track addresses specific societal and environmental challenges:


Track 1 - GEM4 Urban-Rural Interactions: University of Tartu & ITC-University of Twente

This track addresses the challenge of sustainably meeting the natural resource demands of an urbanising world.


Track 2 - GEM4 Land Use Systems: University of Tartu & UCLouvain university 

This track addresses the challenge of assessing the impact of land use change in a changing climate. 


Track 3 - GEM4 Ecosystems & Natural Resources: Lund University & ITC-University of Twente 

This track addresses the challenge of managing and valuing natural resources to enhance the resilience of society. 


Track 4 - GEM4 Food Security: Lund University & UCLouvain university

This track addresses the challenge of food security in the context of climate change and associated socio-environmental vulnerabilities.


Scholarships. Thanks to funding from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, 60 full MSc scholarships are offered across four intakes (approximately 15 scholarships per year), starting in September 2021. Students with other scholarships or alternative sources of funding are also welcome. The applications deadline for the 1st intake is 15th March 2021 .


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