Interdisciplinary symposium on COVID-19 - June 24

Bruxelles Woluwe


The COVID-19 global pandemic has disrupted nearly all aspects of modern life, while long-term psychological, socio-economic, and health impacts remain unknown. Four Belgian professional societies (BELVIR, BSM, BIS and BVIKM, and supported by VIB and FNRS) have joined forces in the organization of a online, free Interdisciplinary symposium COVID-19 on June 24.

We present the following sessions, which will provide you with a comprehensive summary of contemporary knowledge on COVID-19:

  • Basic virology, host cell interactions and pathological manifestations
  • Therapies and non-pharmaceutical interventions.
  • Epidemiology and socio-economic impact.
  • Immune response and vaccination.


As cherry on the cake, Professor Stanley Perlman (University of Iowa, USA), who is an eminent specialist in coronavirus research and who is one of the leading academic voices on SARS-CoV-2, will provide a keynote closing lecture to share his view on current and potential future outbreaks of coronaviruses.


The virtual poster hall, meet-the-speaker sessions and virtual coffee breaks will present plenty of opportunities to connect with each other.


The meeting accounts for 4.5 hours of postgraduate formation.


We hope to meet you online, on June 24, on this exciting day of science and progress. Registration is mandatory but free of charge, and is possible using this link. We warmly encourage you to submit your own work on Covid-19 as abstract for oral or poster presentations.



For the organizing scientific committee,


Prof. Dr. Bart LAMBRECHT (UGent), Pres. Belgian Immunological Society

Prof. Dr. Eveline PEETERS (VUB), Pres. Belgian Society of Microbiology

Prof. Dr. Oliver DENIS (CHU UCL Namur), Pres. Belgian Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Prof. Dr. Herman FAVOREEL (UGent), Pres. Belgian Society of Virology

Prof. Dr. Deborah DE GEYTER (UZ Brussels).

Prof. Dr. Bénédicte DELAERE (CHU UCL Namur).

Dr. Marta ROMANO (Sciensano)

Prof. Dr. Peter DELPUTTE (UAntwerpen)

Prof. Dr. Benoît MUYLKENS (Université de Namur)

Prof. Dr. Niels HELLINGS (UHasselt)

Prof. Dr. Xavier SAELENS (VIB-UGent)

Prof. Dr. Françoise VAN BAMBEKE (UCLouvain)

Dr. Pieter-Jan CEYSSENS (Sciensano)

Publié le 28 avril 2021