Jean-François Cap, Eng.


Jean-François Cap graduated from UCL in 1990 with a masters degree in civil engineering (construction). Since then he has been working as a study and project engineer in civil engineering at SECO, where he is now a senior engineer. He is also head of the research and development unit there for computer-aided design. He has significant knowledge regarding structural design and analysis software development and finite elements applied to structural engineering. He has become a specialist in the field of large-scale civil works (bridges, viaducts, hydraulic and retaining structures etc.) in reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete and composite concrete and steel structures. Alongside his professional work, he has been teaching architectural and civil engineering students at UCL since 2001. He is in charge of courses related to the design of reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete and structural materials. He is also involved in various research projects being undertaken by the Structures and Technologies unit concerning graphical methods and concrete-related structures.
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