International student internships

Master’s students

At UCLouvain, interns work under the guidance of an internship supervisor.

If you wish to pursue an internship at UCLouvain, your first step is to find an internship supervisor who will place and guide you in an internship position. The internship adviser will draft an internship agreement signed by UCLouvain, your institution and yourself.

Bring your copy of this agreement and an ‘intern’ registration form to the Enrolment Office, where you will register and pay the minimum registration fee.

Doctoral students

If you are a doctoral student at your institution, at UCLouvain you will not have the status of an intern but rather as a visitor (maximum three-month stay) or as a student registered for a research certificate (minimum three-month stay).

Research certificate registration requires payment of the matriculation fee, which is addressed via the person overseeing your UCLouvain internship.

Special cases: ARES-CCD scholarship recipients

The Académie de Recherche et d'Enseignement supérieur (‘Higher Education Research Academy’) is the French Community of Belgium’s federation of higher education institutions, and its Commission de la Coopération au développement (‘International Development Commission’) targets sustainable development in university practices, programmes, research and teacher education.

If you are coming to UCLouvain via an international development agreement (an ARES-CCD scholarship) through which you will graduate from a university in the South, you do not require an internship agreement. The PRD-PFS (Projet de recherche pour développement, ‘Development Research Project’; Projet de formation Sud, ‘South Training Project’) automatically serves as an internship agreement.