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At UCLouvain, as in all Belgian universities, academic courses are organised into three degree levels in accordance with the so-called ‘Bologna’ system:

In addition, the advanced master’s (one year) is available to holders of a master’s degree.

The main language of instruction is French, and the university offers some programmes and classes in English. You can also take classes to get your French up to speed. With some exceptions, a doctorate can be pursued entirely in English.

Academic Year

The academic year begins in mid-September and ends at the end of June.

  • Full-time students (those pursuing a full year of study or a degree) must begin their studies in September.
  • Exchange students can begin in September or February.
  • Doctoral students at any time of year.

Tuition fees

Excepting certain programmes, tuition fees for the 2022-23 academic year consist of the base fee (€835) plus fees applicable to students from countries outside the European Union. Refugees, candidates refugee, stateless or beneficiaries from a subsidiary protection are assimiated to Belgians and pay only the base fee (€835). Specific fees apply to exchange and doctoral students.

Sufficient means of subsistence - Bank deposit

A third-country national who wishes to follow a full-time higher education course in Belgium, or a preparatory year for such a course, must prove to have sufficient personal means of subsistence.


The minimum amount of the means of subsistence is fixed by Royal Decree and indexed every year. For the academic year 2023/2024, this amount is € 789 net per month + € 150 per additional dependant.

The proof

Proof of sufficient means of subsistence is provided by producing one or more of the following documents:

  • A certificate drawn up [in accordance with a royal decree] either by an international organisation or a national authority, or by a community, region, province or municipality, or by an institution of higher education, stating that the third-country national is receiving or will soon receive a grant or loan
  • A commitment to take charge in accordance with Annex 32
  • Any other means of proof of sufficient means of subsistence. For example, a certificate issued by the higher education institution stating that the third-country national has deposited in a blocked account managed by the institution a sum covering the costs of his/her stay in Belgium (bank deposit) (*).

!! Please note that the minimum amount of means of subsistence does not include the registration fees.

Moreover, this theoretical sum is not sufficient to cover the real costs of living and studying.
These are estimated at a minimum of €1,100 per month + €300 per additional dependant.

(*) As proof of living expenses, UCLouvain offers the possibility of a bank deposit, which will be paid monthly to the student.

  •     How to proceed? It is very simple.

Before arriving in Belgium

Send an e-mail to and they will explain the procedure to you.
*** Please attach your provisional registration authorisation***.

Get informed

Before applying to the university, find the programme that is right for you by consulting our 'Course catalogue' pages, where you will find a comprehensive presentation of our programmes.

Also consult our frequently asked questions, where you can find answers to most of the questions posed by prospective international students like yourself. If you plan to pursue a doctorate, visit the UCLouvain PhD student page "Valodoc".

If you are a master’s or doctoral student, read our brochures ‘A Master's programme at UCLouvain or ‘A PhD programme at UCLouvain’, written specifically for international students.

A Master's programme at UCLouvain 


As an international student, you must complete the Enrolment Office online application form. If you are applying for a master’s programme, your dossier will be assessed by a faculty jury.

You must submit your application by the deadline. Online application opens in December.