Students associations

UCLouvain is an institution that welcomes the most students in French-speaking Belgium. Since the creation of the University and even since its establishment in Louvain-la-Neuve and Brussels-Woluwe, students have organized themselves into different groups in order to animate the campuses.

Most student associations are divided into four types of activities:

  • Student representation, ensured by the Louvain Student General Assembly (AGL) at the UCLouvain level; student offices, at the faculty level, and the general coordination of international students (CGEI).
  • Project kots (in Louvain-la-Neuve, Brussels-Woluwe and Mons), in which students living together share a collective project throughout the academic year.
  • Les Régionales, which allow students from the same geographical region to meet and share their local folklore with other students on campus.
  • Cercles, which bring together students from the same Faculty.

The University supports and supervises the student associations through various regulations, the provision of premises and equipment or the allocation of subsidies. This abundant student life allows students to experience a pleasant and lively university course while developing various extra-academic skills (project management, group work, taking on responsibilities ...).