Insurance offered by the university

Vie universitaire - Assurances universitaires

1 - For students: 

Students enrolled at UCLouvain benefit from accident cover while pursuing academic activities (including when travelling between accommodation and the university, during study trips and internships, etc.) and third-party liability cover while they are pursuing academic activities. There is no coverage providing emergency assistance relating to any accidents that happen in Belgium (repatriation to home country in the event of an accident). This kind of insurance must be taken out privately.

Concerning exchange students, their home university should continue to insure them against accidents and against the consequences of third-party liability while they are pursuing academic activities. Therefore they should contact their university to find out the limitations of its insurance policies.

2 - For researchers and lecturers: 

The university subscribes to many insurance policies for its staff:

  • group insurance,
  • workplace accident insurance,
  • complementary health insurance,
  • university-organised athletic activities,
  • liability insurance,
  • work-related property damage insurance,
  • comprehensive fire insurance,
  • comprehensive electronic and laboratory insurance,
  • auto insurance,
  • civil liability insurance,
  • objective liability fire and explosion insurance,
  • objective liability human experimentation insurance,
  • third-party agreements (research agreements, equipment use, etc.).