LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Doctoral theses

The Partenamut-IPM Digital Marketing Chair supports doctoral research by funding theses.

Between 2016 and 2020, the chair enabled Laetitia Lambillotte to be the first doctoral student supported by its grant. She defended her thesis on November 30, 2020 with the title: Customer responses to personalized websites: essays on the process underlying experience. Discover here the summary of this research.

Since 2021, the chair is supporting its second doctoral student, Antoine Juquelier. He is from Mons. He obtained a Master's degree in Management Sciences with a specialisation in marketing in 2015 at the UCLouvain FUCaM Mons campus. He then accumulated professional experience in the private sector (Geoconsulting, CPM International, Computacenter) and in the public sector (CGRA) in several countries (Australia, Spain, Belgium). His PhD is supervised by Pr. Poncin and Pr. Hazée

His PhD thesis focuses on the consumer experience when interacting with artificial intelligence. Nowadays, more and more interactions between consumers and companies are done through intelligent interfaces (e.g. chatbot, virtual assistant, robot). These intelligent interfaces are changing the way consumers behave and interact with companies on a daily basis. Therefore, this research aims to better understand the consumer experience during these interactions by adopting an experiential perspective, which pays particular attention to the social and affective dimensions of this experience. The central questions of this research are: what are the affective and social responses of the consumer during these interactions with intelligent interfaces? What characteristics of the artificial intelligence (e.g. artificial empathy), the context (e.g. emotional state) and the individual (e.g. vulnerable consumer) influence these responses? What are the consequences of these interactions for companies (e.g. engagement) and for consumers (e.g. well-being)? By answering these questions, this research aims to make theoretical contributions in the research fields of customer experience, service and human-machine interactions, as well as to formulate managerial recommendations to companies and organisations. 


In 2021, researchers Laetitia Lambillotte, Nathan Magrofuoco, Prof. Ingrid Poncin and Prof. Jean Vanderdonckt received the best paper award at the AFM conference for a paper resulting from work supported by the Chair. Discover more about this award here


The Chair aims to reinforce LouRIM's scientific expertise in the field of digital marketing around topics such as consumer behavior, customer experience, personalization, digital health, adoption of new technologies, gamification, value creation as well as ethical concerns in the digital context. Three publications in leading journals were published in 2022. They provide an in-depth understanding of the impact of web personalisation on the consumer experience and all the positive and negative consequences that can arise from it. 

Discover here the publications made as part of the Chair.