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IMCN thesis defence - Miriam KHODEIR

"Synthesis and characterization of redox-responsive hydrogels based on stable nitroxide radicals" Stimuli-responsive hydrogels have the unique property of undergoing a phase transition. This property has attracted much interest for their application in the field of medicine and biotechnology....
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IMCN thesis defence -Tommy HAYNES

  "Porous Silica Coating Methodology for the Production of Sintering Resistant Catalysts" Visioconference - June 11, 2020 - 03:00 PM   Promotors : Prof. Sophie Hermans (UCLouvain) & Dr. Vincent Dubois (Labiris, Belgium)    
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IMCN seminar - Prof. Philippe POIZOT

Towards rechargeable batteries made of abundant chemical elements ABSTRACT Li-ion batteries (LIBs) appear nowadays as flagship technology able to power an increasing range of applications starting from small portable electronic devices to advanced electric vehicles. Over the past two...
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UCLouvain@home - Confinement 
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POSTPONED - IMCN seminar - Prof. Hans Jakob WÖRNER

Attosecond soft-X-ray spectroscopy in the gas and liquid phases Prof. Hans Jakob Wörner   !!  This seminar has been postponed at a later date not yet defined. !! Attosecond time-resolved spectroscopy has the potential to address fundamental open questions in chemical...
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