License your data


License your data

If you consider depositing your data on a repository, look at what are your rights and obligations (patents, fund raiser contract, consortium agreement, etc).

Then make sure that the term of use of the repository are in accordance with them (see also 'Choose a repository'). Be particularly attentive to the fact that this repository should allow you to license your data.  most repository provide a Creative Commons licence to your data.

Creative commons licenses.

Creative Commons Copyright License provide ready-to-use licence that are knwon worldwide. This copyright licence will specify exactly

- what people can and cannot do with your data (modify, replicate, etc)

- to what purpose data can be used (teaching, research, commercial, etc.)

- if people should give you credit when they use your data (cite your name when using, or writing about your data).

A description of all possible licence is provided here:

Note: Do not hesitate to contact the repository if your want to licence your data on a different Creative Common licence than the ones they put at your disposal.