Promote your RDM skills in your career



RDM skills are increasingly needed by research funders, but also by employers. Identifying and promote these skills may thus increase your chances to get a job or a research grant.

RDM skills may vary according to discipline, especially the more technical ones, but can be summarize along with the following axes:

  • Knowledge in research process (data collection, methods)
  • Knowledge in data curation, coding, IT skills
  • Disciplinary specificities (tools, devices, programs, etc.)
  • Knowledge in ethical and/or commercial  use of data in your field
  • Knowledge in the repositories, websites, where you can find/share data in your field
  • Knowledge in data license

If you have any experience in the aforementioned area, don’t hesitate to acknowledge it on your resume.

Moreover, in applying for a research grant, you may want to underline these skills in your research proposal. In particular, when describing the research environment, you could acknowledge the presence of research data managers in your team, or the central expertise and tools that exists in the University.