The Student Life Department carries out the university’s student life policy in line with the university’s strategic objectives.

It coordinates all the student life-related services offered at UCL sites: 

AIDE: Student Support Service (e.g. financial, social, psychological, health assistance)

LOGE: Student Logistics and Housing Service

SPOR: Sport and Fitness Service (team sports and individual fitness)

The Student Life Office supervises student activities and representation as well as the University Restaurant Service.

Its main concerns are:

  • implementing and driving projects that place the student at the heart of its services;
  • developing a ‘social budget’ for students to deal with their concerns and successfully pursue their studies in a stable environment, including satisfactory housing and with adequate social, psychological and health support;
  • coordinating relationships with university administrative departments and faculties in order to more effectively understand the non-academic dimension of serving the student;
  • handling specific cases and carrying out surveys.

Administration de la vie étudiante

Autorités et services


Jean Jacques Deheneffe

Halles universitaires
Place de l'Université 1, mailbox L0.01.16,
1348, Louvain-la-Neuve

Service d'aide aux étudiants(AIDE)
Logistique et logement étudiant(LOGE)
Service des sports(SPOR)