Office of the Director General


The Office offers the Director General support in analysing and reflecting on the university's challenges and options in terms of financial and budgetary management, administrative IT, in matters of asset and infrastructure management, as well as in matters of promotion and urban development, in close collaboration with the administrations concerned.

The Office :

  • ensures the budgetary monitoring of the framework;
  • prepares and ensures the follow-up of decisions relating to the organisation and functioning of the central administration ;
  • ensures administrative coherence within the institution ;
  • prepares and participates in the social relations policy within the institution;
  • stimulates collaboration between administrations and participates in the reflections of administrations and services having a strategic impact on the functioning of the university;
  • leads or participates in working groups on specific strategies or plays a leading role in the resolution of specific problems;
  • participates in the work of numerous university bodies;
  • ensures the preparation, secretariat and follow-up of the decisions of the Board of Governors;
  • stimulates coordination between all the players on the UCLouvain sites by ensuring specific representation;
  • provides legal advice in the contentious phase for the entire university and in the non-contentious phase for matters not specifically delegated to the administrations and departments. It is responsible for the internal coordination of the legal risk with the legal advisers of UCLouvain.


Chief of Staff

  • Mrs Catherine Rouyer, Secretary of the Board of Directors

Legal advisers

  • Mr Edouard Cruysmans
  • Mrs Sarah Kawaya


  • Mrs Sandra Graceffa

Project manager

  • Mrs Isabelle De Keyzer

Secretary of the Director General

  • Mrs Bénédicte Dellacherie

Administrative staff

  • Mrs Josiane Frères
  • Mrs Ariane Robyn
  • Mrs Ana Victoria Rodriguez

Urban Facilitator UCLouvain

  • Mr Alain Cerise


+32(0)10 47 88 31
Place de l'Université, 1
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve