Gender equality

Though currently, like in all the universities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the student community is mainly made up of female students, there are still significant differences in the access to some study areas by female students. In the same way, though student population feminisation has led to greater diversity in the academic and scientific personnel, parity is far from being reached in the highest levels of academic careers and in the institution’s decision-making bodies.

Faced with those findings and trends, the UCLouvain shows a constant concern for valorising and supporting initiatives aimed at putting the issue of gender equality in the spotlight, while simulating the implementation of solutions in order to achieve more equality, openness and efficiency.

These past years, the UCLouvain gradually tied the issue of men and women equality in its institutional development by taking very concrete measures.

In June 2015, the academic board approved a gender policy, through the Louvain 2020 project, of which they constitute one of the main lines.