A year dedicated to the international dimension of UCLouvain

In 2018-19, UCLouvain chose to promote the university’s international dimension. This academic year will be an opportunity to show our openness to the world and rally the entire community around a fundamental issue.

The year will involve breaking down barriers and undertaking activities that promote exchanges between people from different backgrounds and between the disciplines and knowledge of the university’s three sectors: Science and Technology, Health Sciences, and Human Sciences. It will also be an opportunity to highlight UCLouvain activities beyond the classical framework of research and education, which have a real impact on society outside Belgium.

For a university, an international dimension means the thousands of students who are welcomed each year from more than 100 countries, as well as researchers and professors. The support, friendship, solidarity and welcome they receive from the entire community will be one focus of attention in the coming months.

Watch 17/09/2018 academic year kick-off ceremony videos
Consult the 2018-19 theme year activity agenda

Published on October 17, 2018