University Research

In addition to teaching projects, UCLouvain researchers are mobilising around the refugee issue to better understand migration and offer policymakers and society empirical research analyses and solutions for counteracting protectionist reflexes to migration.

Among the initiatives:

  • The Louvain4Migration research consortium provides scientific insight into the issue of migration, as a continuation of the migration conference cycle that began in 2016.
  • Conferences bring external experts to UCLouvain to share viewpoints (for example, the 29-30 November 2017 conference on migration in the context of the Quetelet Chair, or conferences led by McGill University Prof. Crépeau, a migration expert and 2017-18 Francqui International Professor Chair).
  • UCLouvain academic supervisors lead several European research projects on migration, for example, analysing legal provisions for migrants or improving the evaluation of migrant teaching/educational experience.