Student support

To enable students to find their way, get involved and thrive as citizens, UCLouvain aims to support them in their academic and extracurricular lives. This holistic vision is coupled with a differentiated approach depending on the campus, faculty and course.


Making UCLouvain admission possible for everyone who desires a university education

The institution aims to make every student’s journey an experience that enables them to determine what they will do in the world.

Helping students achieve academic success.

UCLouvain is strengthening its links with secondary and higher education establishments in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. In advance and with a view to providing better guidance, it raises awareness and supports young students in their choice of studies. Examples: providing secondary schools the educational resources used in the first year of the bachelor course; establishing a network of secondary school teachers as ambassadors to and from UCLouvain.

Adapting to the changing student population

UCLouvain surveys incoming students to sound out their aspirations and needs in academic and extracurricular areas, for example in terms of social assistance.

Valuing diversity and strengthening civic awareness

The university considers the environment in which students live in order to respond appropriately to their difficulties. It recognises their commitment in order to value the skills they develop. Different forms of recognition of student commitment will be studied.

Exploiting the specificities of the different campuses

Student life policy is based on transversal coherence while adapting to the context and realities of the campus on which students live.

Reinventing the relationship with students

To encourage and facilitate contact, UCLouvain uses communication tools used by students themselves. A student app, UCLouvain Mobile, has recently been launched.

Continuing to raise awareness concerning entry into the work force

UCLouvain monitors its network of graduates and documents their realities in order to better support students’ transition to professional life.

"To enable students to find their way, get involved and develop, the university has a duty to place them at the heart of its missions, because without students, there is no university."

Philippe Hiligsmann, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs

students received support in 2020-21 that helped them achieve their academic goals.