University publications

University presentation brochure

The essence of what you need to know about UCLouvain and its campuses, education, research, community and international outreach, funding, international influence and the men and women who work and study here – all in an overarching illustrated brochure.

Download here the English brochure.

Paper brochures are available free of charge:


Powerpoint presentation of the University


University presentation brochure for China

The university presentation brochure adapted for China (adapted texts, extra pages, testimonies, ...).

Published in English and Chinese.

Paper brochures are available free of charge by sending an email to





University annual report

The university’s annual report reviews main events and presents growth indicators concerning staff, students, education, research, international mobility and the university’s role in society. UCLouvain accounts are also presented.

The annual report 2018-2019 (online, in french).

Annual report 2013-2014
Annual report 2015-2016
Annual report 2016-2017
Annual report 2017-2018