The faculty


Committed to a more balanced planet, to placing living organisms at the core of innovative projects, and to creating new visions for food, energy and health, bioengineers play a crucial role in a changing world. They aim to contribute to meaningful projects, innovation, and the scientific exploration of all areas of bioengineering, from molecules to satellites.

At the heart of UCLouvain, the Faculty of Bioengineering is first and foremost a community of 1,700 people, including nearly 1,500 students. Every year, more than 100 graduates enter the workforce, carrying out projects as employees of large or small companies or government departments, or as freelancers or researchers. They all share the same values, skills and the hope of contributing to the development of our societies while respecting human and natural diversity.

Christine Dupont

Dean of the Faculty of Bioengineering (AGRO Louvain)