Future trainee


Interested in a traineeship? 

The Faculty of Bioengineering welcomes student trainees, funded by an ERASMUS+ or other grant, from other educational institutions (whether or not they are partners via an exchange agreement).   These internships vary in length and are unpaid.

Which steps do I need to take?

First of all, you need to get in touch and find a professor who could welcome you into their laboratory team.
Consult the list of professors in the Faculty and their specialities; you'll find their coordinates in our directory.

Then, to draw up an internship agreement, your home university will have to inform us of:

  • The duration of the internship
  • Whether or not the internship is being credited?
  • If so, how it will be evaluated.

Once you have found a promoter, you will come back to us to sign the internship agreement with you and your university at least one month before your arrival in Belgium.
Please note that internships at the Faculty are unpaid.

Here are some examples of the subjects offered by the Faculty of Bioengineering