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The Career information office (CIO) works to inform and guide students in choosing a programme, pursuing their studies and entering the workforce.



 Informational meetings

Information and Registration Day

Campus Open Days

Evening information sessions on higher education

Information fairs

The French Community of Belgium’s Service d'Information sur les Etudes et les Professions (SIEP) (‘Education and Career Information Department’) organises information fairs involving numerous educational institutions (including secondary, short and long-duration higher education, hautes écoles, universities, police academies, etc.). It’s the ideal place to reap a maximum amount of information in a short amount of time.

Master's programme information

Programme Advisor

The Programme Advisor informs future students regarding bioengineering programmes and continues to support them throughout their studies. He meets with future and current students on request by email.

Documentation and brochures

Benefits of a UCL education in bioengineering