Vision and missions



The AGRO Louvain Faculty of Bioengineering is a leading international university in life sciences and engineering techniques, offering courses that meet the social, societal and environmental challenges of the 21st century.


The AGRO Louvain Faculty of Bioengineering has three missions:

The faculty educates students in bioengineering in agricultural sciences, chemistry and bioindustry, environmental science and technology, and forest and natural area management. The Faculty of Bioengineering also provides continuing education in these subjects. Nearly 1,600 students are enrolled in the various programmes, including 930 bachelor’s course students.

The faculty promotes responsible personal and social development and encourages the rational use of natural resources with respect for the biosphere.

The faculty prepares future decision-makers, entrepreneurs and private and public sector managers to meet food, environmental, energy and public health challenges in their local, regional and global socio-economic contexts.

The driving force behind education, research is carried out in both fundamental disciplines and areas of practical application within three institutes:

  • Serving society

This mission takes the form of, among other things, consultancy and extension activities for those working in the field, as well as the organisation of continuing education courses.