Bachelor’s course


The Faculty of bioscience engineering offers a bachelor’s course designed to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • acquire a progressive, solid and well-balanced foundation of knowledge in the subjects related to the bioengineering profession (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences);
  • carry out individual work throughout your three-year bachelor’s course;
  • put into practice the concepts acquired during the first term via the applied chemistry project;
  • establish links with working professionals through internships and numerous excursions;
  • develop the cross-disciplinary skills required to become a bioengineer (languages, group work, scientific communication, management).

The bachelor’s course imparts knowledge in the basic life science disciplines and engineering techniques.

The disciplines fall into five main areas:

  • mathematics and data analysis and processing;
  • materials and process sciences and engineering;
  • life sciences;
  • earth and ecosystem sciences;
  • social sciences and humanities.

The first year of the bachelor’s course imparts knowledge in fundamental scientific disciplines applied to the study of living organisms and the environment: biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and earth sciences. During the second and third years, the course provides more in-depth study of living organisms, from molecular to planetary scales, and develops engineering skills.

Third year: choosing an area of in-depth study

In the third year, in addition to compulsory course units, you will include in your programme 22 in-depth credits by choosing to focus on one of the three bioengineering sectors: agricultural sciences, the environment, or chemistry. Choosing a sector and its related credits will enable you to prepare more specifically for one of the four bioengineering master’s courses offered by the faculty, while retaining a high degree of interdisciplinarity.


You will do a field internship as soon as you have completed your bachelor’s course. For one month, you will work in a small or medium-sized company or an association active in the field, in Belgium or abroad.