Louvain-la-Neuve is located near Brussels, in the province of Walloon Brabant.
More information about how to get to the Louvain-la-Neuve is available on UCLouvain pages dedicated to mobility.

Before the beginning of each term, the Faculty of Philosophy, Arts and Letters (FIAL) organizes a mandatory information and welcome session for international exchange students.

You will receive important information and documents about:

  • your registration at the university and the Town Hall

  • your student and access cards

  • visits of the Faculty’s libraries

  • Access to French language courses


Term 2Friday 3 February 2023 

10:00 am: Exchange students will be welcomed in the underground of the Socrate Building (Place Cardinal Mercier)

10:30 am: Information session in Room SOCR -242, Socrate Building (Place Cardinal Mercier)

12:00 am: Exchange students will be taken to the Welcome Activities for the International Students (

2-3pm and 3-4 pm: Explanations about your virtual dashboard and other UCLouvain computer tools.

For any question, don't hesitate to contact

Welcome on your arrival

In case you arrive before February 3, you can go to:

Welcome Service for International Students
Rue des Wallons, 10
Tel. +32(0)10 47 20 02