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Studying in the Faculty of Philosophy, Arts and Letters (FIAL) means:

An array of courses

The faculty offers an array of courses to meet your expectations in the fields of philosophical thought and knowledge concerning human history, languages, literary creations and aesthetic and cultural productions. In FIAL we study:

  • philosophy and ethics;
  • history;
  • history of art and archaeology;
  • musicology;
  • languages, cultures and literatures (ancient, classical and oriental, French and other Romance, Germanic and modern);
  • multilingual communication;
  • linguistics;
  • performing arts;
  • and other subjects.

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A range of careers

As a graduate of our faculty, you will have diverse career opportunities owing to the many skills acquired during your university education, including:

  • communication and writing skills;
  • critical and analytical skills;
  • decision-making and managerial skills;
  • broad exposure to social sciences and humanities.

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Individual support

In FIAL, you will not be alone. In addition to the preparatory summer courses that we organise in August before the start of the academic year, we will help you implement effective strategies to tackle your first-year bachelor’s classes, via individualised monitoring. Throughout your studies, you will also benefit from personalised support in building your educational path and advice on your choice of studies.

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Learning languages

FIAL offers numerous language classes as part of its courses, and also via the Social Sciences and Humanities Language Course platform (Formation Langues Sciences Humaines, or FLASH). This is an online language learning platform available 24/7. On the menu: 22 languages to learn or polish through fun incremental online courses, videos, exercises, and more.

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International exchanges

Do you dream of studying abroad? Our faculty offers plenty of great locations in Europe and elsewhere.

Taking advantage of this exchange opportunity offers many benefits:

  • discovering a new country and its customs;
  • learning a language or improving your language skills;
  • exposure to new teaching methods and approaches;
  • broadening your intellectual horizons;
  • a complementary perspective on subjects studied at university;
  • mixing of cultures.

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Professional internships

Most of our programmes offer the possibility of doing a professional internship, either in Belgium or abroad. Don’t miss out on this unique experience of practical training in a professional setting. Doing an internship during or just after your course will give you the opportunity to:

  • develop interpersonal skills;
  • refine professional goals;
  • build a network;
  • enrich your CV.

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Our faculty is located in the Collège Érasme and Collège Mercier, which also house the Philosophy Library (BISP) and the Arts and Letters Library (BFLT). You will find yourself in a friendly environment with state-of-the-art facilities adapted to your needs (computer rooms, archive rooms, etc.).

Visit the faculty during a campus tour

Our faculty is in the heart of Louvain-la-Neuve, just a stone’s throw from the Grand Place. Come and immerse yourself in our town and discover its student life.

Don’t miss the many activities that are organised throughout the year: student activities, debates, sports, culture, student association events, etc. An additional advantage? Everything is within walking distance. It takes less than 15 minutes to walk across town.

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