Want to study abroad?

Want to do an internship abroad?

Want to do an exchange at UCLouvain?

Where can you study abroad?

Studying at UCLouvain is a unique experience, but did you know that you can enrich the experience by going abroad? Doing so is a valuable investment in your future!

The skills developed through your international experience will be an asset in terms of both your education and your career.

  • Discovering other cultures and other languages will enrich your experience and your education.
  • Organising your study abroad means learning to become an effective manager of your time and needs.
  • Spending a few months far from your loved ones entails leaving your comfort zone, making contacts, creating a network, and so much more. Challenge yourself and take the leap!

We’re by your side...

Want to embark on this adventure? No worries!

  • FIAL's competent, enthusiastic members are here to help you.
  • Grants are available to cover the additional costs of study abroad (in case of difficulties, additional financing is also possible).
  • Get your questions answered by contacting the international team.