Internship during your FIAL programme


Want to do an internship during your programme? There are two possibilities: you can do an internship that is part of your programme; or, if your programme does not offer an internship or you want to do more than what is foreseen in your programme, you can do a non-programme internship.

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Doing an internship in Belgium

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FIAL international internship testimonials

Many of our students do an internship outside Belgium. Their testimonials show the undeniable added value of the experience. A few key words often stand out: broadening horizons, building a professional network, increased confidence, practising foreign languages ...










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Europe (with Erasmus+ scholarship)




Outside Europe (with AWEX/EXPLORT scholarship)


Dorica Tshitwenu FIAL graduate Analyst, Deloitte Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

“I was able to find my job during the pandemic thanks to my internship in Luxembourg and I don’t think I would have had the money to afford this type of experience without FIAL and UCLouvain. So a big thank you.”