Who oversees my file?




The doctoral commission (CDD) of each field is overseen by the CODOL.
It is responsible for the validation of different steps in the course of a doctoral student’s time at UCLouvain, including the arbitration of conflicts between doctoral students and supervisors and any other duty entrusted to them by the Research Provost.

For the discipline of « Languages, Literatures and Translation », the CDL oversees the applications and validates various steps during the study period of the doctoral student.

CDL Members:


President Anne Catherine Simon
Academic Secretary Hubert Roland
Academic Members Jan Tavernier
Stéphanie Vanasten
Scientific Member Antonella Sciancalepore


The secretariat of the CDL is provided by Valérie Martin

For doctoral students who belong to the CDL, doctoral training acquired within the École doctorale en Langues et lettres or École doctorale en Didactique des langues.