General principles


To be able to sit an exam you must fulfil all of the following requirements:

  • Your tuition fees must be paid in full by January 4th at the latest
  • You must be registered for the course on MyUCL
  • You must be registered for the exam on MyUCL
  • You cannot have previously received credit for the course

Exam Schedules

Dates for exam session are set in the UCLouvain Academic Calendar. There are two exam sessions for every course:

  • For courses taught in Q1: January and September*
  • For courses taught in Q2: June and September
  • For courses taught in Q1+Q2: partial evaluation in January, final examination in June and September

For 11BA students, exams for Q1 courses are held three times (January, June, and September).

ATTENTION! Students may write the exam three times under two conditions:

  • The student is in 11BA
  • The course was taught in Q1 of block 1

If one of these conditions is not met, the student will not be able to take the exam more than twice (January and September).

*The Faculty of Philosophy, Arts and Letters (FIAL) waived this rule for a list of Q1 courses scheduled for June and September.


Important information:

  • If a student registers to retake an exam, only the last mark will be evaluated by the jury, even if the most recent result is a lower mark than that obtained previously.
  • Exam registration changes are finalized at least ten days before the opening of the exam session.
  • • Students are responsible for ensuring that they are registered correctly for exams and reporting any issue to their program secretariat.
  • • For oral exams, students will choose their preferred time slot on Moodle. If a student does not choose a time slot, one will be assigned to them.
  • • In the event of circumstances that cause difficulty during the exam session, such as absence from an exam, family and medical situations, or the non-respect of regulations relating to the exam, the student must contact the jury president.