Soil physical properties - ELIE laboratory

ELIE Louvain-La-Neuve


This laboratory has most of the standard instruments to characterise the hydraulic properties of about a hundred soil samples at the same time.

Retention curve

For the retention curve, the following equipment is available :

  • two sandboxes to characterise the retention curve of about 90 soil samples from pF 0 to pF 1.8.

  • six pressure plate extractors for the retention curve between pF 2 and 4.2.

  • a water potential analyser for high pF by psychrometry (WP4C).

  • a 10 cell HYPROP system (evaporation method) for 250 cm³ soil samples.

Hydraulic conductivity curve

For the hydraulic conductivity curve :

  • a permeameter for the saturated hydraulic conductivity. (Closed system - 10 holders)

  • the HYPROP system.

Measurements performed in the laboratory are invoiced in order to be able to amortize the cost of the equipment. Here is a document describing the pricing in detail : Soil physical properties characterisation - Price List.pdf.

In addition, the laboratory has several instruments for in situ measurements: pressure & suction infiltrometers, TDR probes, tensiometers, etc. and equipment for soil sampling (Rings of 100, 250, 1000 cm³).

You can find here the available soil sampling material : Physique du sol - Equipements.xlsx.

It can be found at B.230 (De Serres building). For any information or request for use, please contact:

  • Olivier Lebbe (Technical manager)
  • Tanguy Perée (Scientific manager)
  • Mathieu Javaux (Academic head)
  • Sébastien François (ELIe technician)

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