eBIO2CHEM (SPW-DGO3, 2019-2021)


eBIO2CHEM (SPW-DGO3, 2019-2021)

Fractionation and conversion of cereals residues and cellulosic plants to valuable molecules: surface active molecules and platform chemicals medium chain carboxylates

Partners: CRA-W and HEPH-Condorcet

The aim of the research is to convert and valorize spent grains from microbreweries to high-value molecules, i.e. peptide-based surfactants and medium-chain carboxylates (C6-C10), two families of biosourced molecules with high values and many applications (food emulsifier, detergency industries, plant protection products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, green chemistry platform molecules, biofuels, biodegradable solvents, fragrances and flavors). Co-products from the same process will be hemicellulosic fractions with many food and industrial applications. The final residues can be recovered in biogas (energy) and digestate (agricultural recycling of humus and N-P-K nutrients).

The project will extend to the cereals brans, which can be valorized with the same approaches. The biorefining technique will also be tested on cereal straw and cellulosic crop straw (miscanthus, sorghum), in order to widen the range of raw materials that can be valorized.

The targeted products will increase the value of agricultural production by giving them new high-value outlets while allowing agricultural recycling of unvalued fractions. The technologies studied can be applied in a rural context.