Infrastructures and facilities


The laboratory of mycology has the necessary research tools to accomplish its missions of research, service to society and education.

  • Molecular biology
    • Electrophoresis : visualization of DNA, PCR and fingerprinting on agarose gel
    • Gradient thermocyclers : amplifying a target DNA sequence
    • Real-time PCR : quantification of genomic DNA and cDNA for relative quantification of gene expression
    • Capillary Sequencer - AFLP : separation and DNA fragment analysis
  • Microbiology
    • Optical and electronic microscopes, binoculars
    • Laminar flow cabinets
    • Facilities for fungal preservation and storage
      • Ultra-low temperature freezers (-130°C)
      • Cryostat
      • Freeze Dryers
      • Controlled rooms for storage of biological material
  • Biochemistry
    • Liquid chromatography system : purification of proteins
    • Spectrophotometer
    • HPLC -MS
  • Other infrastructures
    • Several phytotronic chambers with controlled °T, humidity, light for growing plants and fungi
    • Fully equipped greenhouse facilities
    • Peristaltic pumps