Team Phytopathology (Pr Anne Legrève and Pr Claude Bragard)


One of the most challenging and intriguing questions in plant pathology is to understand how plant pathogens interact with both their host plant and the environment (including vectors and other micro-organisms) in order to provoke major diseases, sometimes turning to epidemics. Such knowledge is used to stimulate and foster innovative strategies and technologies for a sustainable biological control of tropical and temperate plant diseases caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses.

Our team develops diagnostic tools to monitor plant diseases caused by these biotic agents and to predict epidemics. We study pathogenesis, biotic interaction and epidemiology of plant diseases. We characterize the biodiversity of populations involved in the various patho-systems in order to improve their control using environmentally friendly strategies.

Via our extension services, we provide cutting-edge advice on plant diseases and control strategies to producers and consumers, in close connection with both research and training.