Matthieu Génévriez


Matthieu Génévriez's research group explores the quantum-physical processes governing the structure and dynamics of small atomic and molecular systems and their interactions using combined experimental and theoretical approaches. We work in the fields of cold atoms and quantum optics, atomic and molecular structure and dynamics, and spectroscopy.

Ultracold Rydberg atoms:

We study the properties of alkaline-earth atoms in high Rydberg states, which have one electron in a high-lying orbital, and aim at using the second valence electron of such species to optically manipulate, cool, and trap the Rydberg atoms for quantum simulation and quantum sensing purposes.

Two-electron correlated dynamics and planetary atoms:

We investigate correlated electron dynamics in states where two electrons are highly excited. We carry out large-scale calculations including hundreds of decay channels which, combined with experimental spectra, allow us to explore the dense two-electron phase space and gain direct insight into the two-electron wavefunction and the structure of planetary atoms.

Doubly-charged molecular ions:

In contrast with the large amount of data available for neutral molecules and singly charged molecular ions, we know little about doubly charged molecular ions even for simple diatomic species. We are developing new spectroscopic methods to study doubly charged molecular ions at high resolution and characterize their diverse structures and decay dynamics.