Vincent Destoop
Post-doctoral researcher
Dr at UCLouvain in 2002

Main project: MACOBIO (MAtériaux COmposites BIOsourcés)
Funding: FEDER
Supervisor(s): Thomas Pardoen

made his PhD on the adhesion of tooth-filling materials to the dentine. He’s now working on composite materials to replace metals in aircraft applications. He takes part to projects studying the mechanical behavior of composite materials (mainly polymer matrix reinforced with long fibers) which are new candidate materials for modern planes. Recently, his research was oriented on biosourced composites. His investigations focus on the bulk, cracking, impact and adhesion properties.

IMMC main research direction(s):
Processing and characterisation of materials

fracture mechanics

Research group(s): IMAP


Recent publications

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Journal Articles

1. Nutenki, Rajendar; Van Velthem, Pascal; Kuete, Martial; Lezaak, Matthieu; Destoop, Vincent; Ballout, Wael; Pardoen, Thomas; Bailly, Christian. Bio-Sourced Poly l-Lactide-Flax Composites with Close to Maximum Stiffness at Low Fiber Content through Two-Stage Annealing. In: Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, , p. 2100327 (2021). doi:10.1002/mame.202100327.

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4. Van Velthem, Pascal; Ballout, Wael; Horion, Jérémy; Janssens , Y.-A.; Destoop, Vincent; Pardoen, Thomas; Bailly, Christian. Morphology and fracture properties of toughened highly crosslinked epoxy composites: A comparative study between high and low Tg tougheners. In: Composites Part B: Engineering, Vol. 101, p. 14-20 (2016). doi:10.1016/j.compositesb.2016.06.076.

5. Van Velthem, Pascal; Ballout, Wael; Daoust, Daniel; Sclavons, Michel; Cordenier, François; Henry, Edwin; Dumont, David; Destoop, Vincent; Pardoen, Thomas; Bailly, Christian. Influence of thermoplastic diffusion on morphology gradient and on delamination toughness of RTM-manufactured composites. In: Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, Vol. 72, p. 175-183. doi:10.1016/j.compositesa.2015.02.012.

Conference Papers

1. Lequesne, Cédric; Xiong, Hu; Delsemme, Jean-Pierre; Strepenne, François; Bruyneel, Michaël; Destoop, Vincent; Pardoen, Thomas; de Lumley Woodyear, Thibault; Nepper, Vincent. Assess impact of fiber waviness on composite structure performance by finite element modelling. In: Proceedings of NAFEMS World Congress 2019, 2019 xxx.

2. Bruyneel, M.; Strepenne, F.; Destoop, Vincent; Pardoen, Thomas; Lequesnes, C.; Delsemme,J.P.; Delumley Woodyear. Study of fiber waviness in composite structures supported by simulation. 2018 xxx.

3. André, Simon; Melchior, Maxime; Morelle, Xavier; Dumont, D.; Destoop, Vincent; Doneux, Catherine; Delannay, Laurent; Doghri, Issam; Daoust, Daniel; Bailly, Christian; Pardoen, Thomas. Local approach of fracture of HexFlow®RTM6 structural epoxy with thermoplastic and nanofillers additions. In: CD-Rom, Elesevier, 2011, p. réf. 123 xxx.

4. André, Simon; Debruille, V.; Mathieu, F.; Dumont, D.; Destoop, Vincent; Daoust, Daniel; Bailly, Christian; Pardoen, Thomas. Damage and fracture resistance of the RTM6 structural epoxy with thermoplastic additions. 2010 xxx.

5. André, Simon; Melchior, Maxime; Debruille, V.; Mathieu, F.; Dumont, D.; Destoop, Vincent; Daoust, Daniel; Bailly, Christian; Pardoen, Thomas. Elastoviscoplastic and damage behavior of the HexFolw RTM6 structural epoxy with thermoplastic additions. 2010 xxx.

6. Destoop, Vincent; Nassim, Abdelkarim; Leloup, Gaëtane; Cornet, Anne; Delannay, Francis. Modelling of the Mechanical Properties of the Tooth by the ESPI and the Finite Element Method. In: Proceedings Photomec 99, Belgian Society of Mecchanical and Environmental Engineering: Brussels, 1999 xxx.


1. Destoop, Vincent. The cracking resistance and adhesion to dentine of dental restorative materials: a fracture mechanics approach, prom. : Leloup, Gaëtane ; Delannay, Francis, 2002.