Hosni Idrissi
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The overall objective of the research activity of Prof. Hosni Idrissi is a fundamental investigation of the physics of defects dynamics in inorganic materials dominated by internal or external interfaces such as nanocrystalline metallic and metallic glass thin films, hybrid multilayers combining crystalline and amorphous systems as well as bulk coarse-grained metals and alloys involving twinning-induced-plasticity (TWIP) and transformation-induced-plasticity (TRIP). The core questions concern the competition or the synergy between the nanoscale elementary mechanisms, which ultimately control the strength and ductility of these materials. The overall research approach is based on the design and use of quantified new nanocharacterization tools including nanomechanical testing methods (lab-on-chip, nanoindentation, etc.) coupled with advanced transmission electron microscopy (TEM) techniques (aberration corrected high resolution TEM imaging and spectroscopy, electron tomography, orientation and nanostrain mapping in TEM, in-situ TEM nanomechanical testing, etc.) to unravel the mechanisms under interest.

IMMC main research direction(s):
Processing and characterisation of materials
Solid mechanics

electron microscopy

Research group(s): IMAP


PhD and Post-doc researchers under my supervision:

Renforcement des capacités de RDI des organismes de recherche dans les domaines utiles aux PME
Michaël Coulombier

graduated as a material science engineer from UCLouvain in 2006. He finished his PhD in 2012 under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Pardoen (iMMC) and Prof. Jean-Pierre Raskin (ICTEAM) developing a lab on-chip technique for nano-mechanical characterisation of thin films. Since then he has been a research assistant in iMMC involved in various projects dealing with material science, nanomechanical testing and tribology.

Development of thermo-tensile nano devices operating ex situ or in situ in transmission electron microscopes (TEM)
Alex Pip

The main goal of my research project is to develop modern miniaturized devices dedicated to quantitative small-scale thermo-tensile testing in-situ inside a transmission electron microscope. These unique devices will be used to investigate the effect of T on the plasticity/failure mechanisms in selected materials, nanocrystalline palladium films and olivine. My project builds up on already existing MEMS devices, namely the commercial Push-to- Pull from Bruker.Inc and UCLouvain’s ‘lab-on-chip’ nano tensile testing devices. Currently, those devices are limited to room temperature experiments. My work will be dedicated to the integration of heating systems inside these two devices, in order to heat samples up to hundreds of °C. This will allow performing in-situ TEM thermo-tensile tests on Pd films and olivine samples where the coupling between tensile loading and heating could lead to unprecedented results regarding the effect of T on the mechanical response and the plasticity/failure mechanisms.

This project has a direct application in the field of geology, as one of the selected material is olivine, the material that makes up most of the upper part of the Earth’s mantle. Thermo-tensile testing of olivine at the micro/nano scale will bring crucial data about its rheology under conditions similar to the Earth’s mantle. This part of the project involving olivine will be performed in close contact with prof. Patrick Cordier and his team at UMET (Université de Lille). The other selected material is Pd, a material that is well known by the UCLouvain’s IMMC researchers used here as a benchmark. I will mostly work within the WINFAB platform, where I will develop and build the new thermo-tensile devices using the nanofabrication equipment. As theses devices are expected to be used in-situ inside a TEM, I will also partly work at the EMAT research center (UAntwerpen).

Ankush Kashiwar

The project is focused on the advanced transmission electron microscopy (TEM) characterizations which will be performed on the novel aluminium-based alloys processed by friction stir and 3D printing and involving multi-material (steel, Mg, oxides, Ni-Ti,...) interfaces. The materials are developed or processed in The Institute of Materials and Process Engineering (IMMC) of the Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain). The TEM characterization techniques include automated crystallographic orientation mapping in TEM (ACOM-TEM), in-situ TEM experiments including heating, cooling and straining as well as high resolution (scanning-) transmission electron microscopy. The TEM-based characterization will be performed under the supervision of Prof. Nick Schryvers in association with the Electron Microscopy for Materials Science (EMAT) group at the University of Antwerp.

Recent publications

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Journal Articles

1. Krishnamurthy, Sanjay Channappa; Arseenko, Mariia; Kashiwar, Ankush; Dufour, Philippe; Marchal, Yves; Delahaye, Jocelyn; Idrissi, Hosni; Pardoen, Thomas; Mertens, Anne; Simar, Aude. Controlled precipitation in a new Al-Mg-Sc alloy for enhanced corrosion behavior while maintaining the mechanical performance. In: Materials Characterization, Vol. 200, p. 112886 (2023). doi:10.1016/j.matchar.2023.112886.

2. Gheysen, Julie; Kashiwar, Ankush; Idrissi, Hosni; Villanova, Julie; Simar, Aude. Suppressing hydrogen blistering in a magnesium-rich healable laser powder bed fusion aluminum alloy analyzed by in-situ high resolution techniques. In: Materials & Design, Vol. 231, p. 112024 (2023). doi:10.1016/j.matdes.2023.112024.

3. Ding, Lipeng; Hilhorst, Antoine; Idrissi, Hosni; Jacques, Pascal. Potential TRIP/TWIP coupled effects in equiatomic CrCoNi medium-entropy alloy. In: Acta Materialia, Vol. 234, p. 118049 (2022). doi:10.1016/j.actamat.2022.118049.

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Conference Papers

1. Arseenko, Mariia; Hannard, Florent; Ding, Lipeng; Kashiwar, Ankush; Paccou, E.; Zhao, Lv; Pyka, Grzegorz; Idrissi, Hosni; Lefebvre, William; Villanova, Julie; Maire, Eric; Gheysen, Julie; Simar, Aude. Healing Damage in Friction Stir Processed Mg2Si reinforced Al alloy. 2022 xxx.

2. Arseenko, Mariia; Hannard, Florent; Kashiwar, Ankush; Ding, Lipeng; Villanova, Julie; Zhao, LV; Maire, Eric; Idrissi, Hosni; Simar, Aude. Design, Friction Stir Processing and characterization of a new healable aluminium alloy. 2022 xxx.

3. Roy, Geoffrey; van der Rest, Camille; Kashiwar, Ankush; Idrissi, Hosni; Jacques, Pascal. Optimisation of the Thermoelectric Properties of Fe2VAl Thin Films Obtained by Co-sputtering. 2022 xxx.

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Book Chapters

1. Idrissi, Hosni; Schryvers, Dominique. Investigation of the elementary mechanisms controlling dislocation/twin boundary interactions in fcc metals and alloys: from conventional to advanced TEM characterization. In: Current Microscopy Contributions to Advances in Science and Technology (FORMATEX Microscopy Book Series; xxx), A.Méndez-Vilas Edition: Badajoz, Spain, 2012, p. 1213-1224. 978-84-939843-6-6. xxx xxx.