Guy Wanlongo Ndiwulu
PhD student
Master’s degree in electromechanical engineering, at UCL in 2015

Main project: Stability performance analysis and control of islanded microgrids
Supervisor(s): Emmanuel De Jaeger

Nowadays the discussions about electric energy systems are generally focused on the system reliability and valorisation of renewable energies. Thereby, several means are investigated in order to achieve its goals, among which we have microgrids. These latter are considered as electrical subsystems with distributed energy generators, energy storage devices and loads, able to operate with connection to the main grid or in islanded mode. This electrical system technology is very different compared to the conventional power systems. Because the interfaced power converters based distributed sources characterize them. This is making the microgrid controllability and stability depending of power converters.
The main contribution of this project is to propose a control strategy able to maintain the voltage amplitude and frequency in the allowable range in the cases of islanded microgrids fed by miscellaneous micro-sources (photovoltaic, small hydropower and diesel generator) and energy storage devices such as batteries. The developed control strategy is tested with Matlab/Simulink.

IMMC main research direction(s):

eletric energy systems

Research group(s): MEED
Collaborations: His research is realized in collaboration with Université Kongo, in Democratic Republic of Congo. Angelo Kuti Lusalu is the second supervisor.


Recent publications

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Conference Papers

1. Wanlongo Ndiwulu, Guy; De Jaeger, Emmanuel; Kuti Lusala, Angelo. Islanded Microgrid Voltage Control Structure Small-Signal Stability Analysis. In: Proceedings of IEEE PowerTech. p. 1-6 (2019). doi:10.1109/PTC.2019.8810896.

2. Wanlongo Ndiwulu, Guy; De Jaeger, Emmanuel; Kuti Lusala, Angelo. Inner Current Control Loop Influence on Islanded Microgrid Dynamic Behavior. In: CIRED Proceedings. p. 1-5 (2019).

3. Wanlongo Ndiwulu, Guy; De Jaeger, Emmanuel; Kuti Lusala, Angelo. Local stability performance analysis of islanded microgrid based on inner control loops approach. In: CIRED Proceedings. p. 1-4 (2018).

4. Wanlongo Ndiwulu, Guy; De Jaeger, Emmanuel; Kuti Lusala, Angelo. Inner control loops approach to control the islanded photovoltaic microgrid. In: IEEE Africon Proceedings. p. 1204-1209 (2017). doi:10.1109/AFRCON.2017.8095646.