Sandra Soares Frazao
Recent publications

- Sediment transport under fast transient flow conditions: experimental measurement of the velocity profile, characterisation of the bed shear stress at the interface between the clear-water flow and the moving sediment, determination of the critical shear stress leading to grain entrainment;
- Flood propagation in urban areas: modelling using a porosity-concept;
- Numerical modelling (depth-averaged) of morphological processes in fluvial hydraulics, application to laboratory-scale flows and to larger scales (real cases);
- Scientific cooperation with Haiti about floods: field measurements of topography, bathymetry, water levels and discharge using UAV-based photogrammetry; numerical simulation of flood events including sediment transport and morphological evolution; use of GIS for vulnerability and hazard mapping.

IMMC main research direction(s):
Civil and environmental engineering
Fluid mechanics

geophysical and environmental fluid dynamics
fluvial hydraulics

Research group(s): GCE


PhD and Post-doc researchers under my supervision:

Rivers and floods. A challenge : to develop academics solutions in response to people's concerns. A case study : Haiti.
Olivier Carlier d'Odeigne

Simulating flow in Tonle Sap, Cambodia
Anh Hoang Le

- Simulating flow and sediment transport in the Lower Mekong River;
- Simulating flow in Tonle Sap, Cambodia by SLIM;
- Study on floc characteristics in Luang Prabang, Laos and Mekong Delta

Gerardson Mathieu

L’objectif de ce projet est de développer une méthodologie d’aide à la décision pertinente dans le
contexte haïtien, afin de pouvoir proposer aux populations des solutions techniques adaptées à leur
situation et à leurs besoins. Afin d’atteindre cet objectif, le travail se poursuivra en parallèle selon un
volet technique et un volet anthropologique. Le volet technique vise à compléter un modèle existant
de la rivière Cavaillon par des mesures de terrain et d’y étudier le transport solide et les évolutions
morphologiques. Le volet anthropologique vise quant à lui à comprendre le processus de gestion du
milieu fluvial par la population riveraine.

Ferdinand De Schoutheete de Tervarent

Morphological impact of dam-flushing
Robin Meurice

While hydroelectricity is increasingly more used to compensate the intermittent electricity production, dam reservoirs face sedimentation issues, leading to a decrease in available hydroelectricity production. To overcome these problems, we can proceed to dam flushing operations, transporting huge amounts of sediments downstream of the dam. Nevertheless, these operations can be harmful for the environment, the living organisms and the human infrastructures if not properly handled. For that reason, this thesis aims at developing a numerical model capable of accurately predicting the sediments deposition downstream of a dam after flushing operations. In order to do so, several mathematical models shall be implemented and laboratory experiments shall be run. The numerical model will then be confronted to the data collected from the experiments. Finally, the model will be tested with real-case data collected in situ near Lyon, France.

Simulation numérique d’un phénomène de crue à Besançon avec le code de calcul SDFlow2D
Noë Desmet

Numerical and experimental modeling of breaching of earthen embankments
Masoumeh Ebrahimi

Embankments failures can have devastating impacts. Therefore, proper risk assessment requires a
reliable description of the breaching process, flow hydrograph and downstream inundation. In
this project, medium and large‐scale experiments of breaching due to overtopping will be
conducted and monitored using digital imaging techniques. An existing numerical simulation tool
will be improved to represent the whole process, including the flow through the embankment.

Recent publications

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Journal Articles

1. Le, Hoang-Anh; Lambrechts, Jonathan; Ortleb, Sigrun; Gratiot, Nicolas; Deleersnijder, Eric; Soares Frazao, Sandra. An implicit wetting–drying algorithm for the discontinuous Galerkin method: application to the Tonle Sap, Mekong River Basin. In: Environmental Fluid Mechanics, (2020). doi:10.1007/s10652-019-09732-7 (Accepté/Sous presse).

2. Pham Van, Chien; de Brye, Benjamin; de Brauwere, Anouk; Hoitink, A.J.F. (Ton); Soares Frazao, Sandra; Deleersnijder, Eric. Numerical Simulation of Water Renewal Timescales in the Mahakam Delta, Indonesia. In: Water, Vol. 12, no.4, p. 1017 (2020). doi:10.3390/w12041017.

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6. Joseph, Adermus; Gonomy, Nyankona; Zech, Yves; Soares Frazao, Sandra. Modelling and analysis of the flood risk at Cavaillon City, Haiti. In: La Houille Blanche, Vol. 2018, no.2, p. 68-75 (2018). doi:10.1051/lhb/2018020.

7. Franzini Fabian; Soares Frazao, Sandra. Coupled finite-volume scheme with adapted Augmented Roe scheme for simulating morphological evolution in arbitrary cross-sections. In: Journal of Hydroinformatics, Vol. 20, no. 5, p. 1111-1130 (2018). doi:10.2166/hydro.2018.109.

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10. Franzini, Fabian; Soares Frazao, Sandra. Efficiency and accuracy of Lateralized HLL, HLLS and Augmented Roe's scheme with energy balance for river flows in irregular channels. In: Applied Mathematical Modelling, Vol. 40, no.17-18, p. 7427-7446 (2016). doi:10.1016/j.apm.2016.02.007.

Conference Papers

1. Draoui, Insaf; Lambrechts, Jonathan; Legat, Vincent; Soares Frazao, Sandra; Hoitink, Ton (A.J.F.); Deleersnijder, Eric. Discontinuous Galerkin method for 1D river flows. In: River Flow 2020, Taylor & Francis Group: London, 2020, 978-0-367-62773-7, p. 1-8.

2. Le, Hoang Anh; Lambrechts, Jonathan; Deleersnijder, Eric; Soares Frazao, Sandra; Gratiot, Nicolas; Ortleb, Sigrun. Numerical modelling of flow dynamics in the Tonle Sap by means of a discontinuous Galerkin finite-element model. In: River Flow 2020, Taylor & Francis Group: London, 2020, 978-0-367-62773-7, p. 1-7.

3. Vanderdonckt, Jean; Soares Frazao, Sandra; Zech, Yves; Villarreal Narvaez, Santiago. Measuring Particle Flow by Voronoï Diagrams. In: Proc. of the 38th "Caius Iacob" Int. Confernce on Fluid Mechanics and its Technical Applications, 2019, p. 15-16.

4. Joseph, Adermus; Mathieu, Gerardson; Gonomy, Nyankona; Carlier d'Odeigne, Olivier; Zech, Yves; Soares Frazao, Sandra. HOW TO CHARACTERIZE THE RESILIENCE OF CITIES IN A DISADVANTAGED ENVIRONMENT? AN EXAMPLE IN HAITI.

5. Soares Frazao, Sandra; Abbeels, Stéphanie; Messens, Marie. DAM-BREAK FLOW IN A CHANNEL WITH A 90° BEND AND MOBILE BED: EXPERIMENTAL AND NUMERICAL SIMULATIONS. (IAHR World Congress Proceedings), 2019. doi:10.3850/38WC092019-1546.

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