Matthieu Baudouin Lezaack
PhD student
Ir. at UCL in 2017

Main project: Friction stir processing based local damage mitigation and healing in aluminium alloys
Funding: FRIA
Supervisor(s): Aude Simar

Al 7XXX alloys will be characterized before and after friction stir process (FSP) in order to identify the damage mechanisms. The performances of FSPed alloys will be studied by macromechanical testing. Up to now, a 150% increase in ductility was reached by FSP + heat treatments compared to the base 7475 Al material. Then a numerical model will catch the 7XXX aluminium behavior in a close future.

IMMC main research direction(s):
Processing and characterisation of materials
Solid mechanics

fracture mechanics
metallic alloys

Research group(s): IMAP
Collaborations: Numerical model with Ludovic Noëls (ULiège)


Recent publications

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Conference Papers

1. Lezaack, Matthieu Baudouin; Simar, Aude. Thick 7XXX friction stir welds resistant to coarse recrystallization during solution heat treatments.

2. Lezaack, Matthieu Baudouin; Zhao, Lv; Simar, Aude. Amélioration de la ductilité de l’alliage d’aluminium 7475 par procédé de friction malaxage (FSP).

3. Lezaack, Matthieu Baudouin; Zhao, Lv; Simar, Aude. Ductilization of 7475 aluminium alloy by Friction Stir Processing: homogenization of microstructural constituents.

4. Lezaack, Matthieu Baudouin; Simar, Aude; Zhao, Lv. Ductilization by multi-pass Friction Stir Processing of thick 7475 aluminium alloy.

5. Lezaack, Matthieu Baudouin; Simar, Aude. Micro-hardness evolution in Friction Stir Processed 7475 aluminium plate.

6. Lezaack, Matthieu Baudouin; Florent, Hannard; Simar, Aude. Modifications des propriétés d’endommagement de l’aluminium 7475 en tôle de forte épaisseur par le procédé de friction-malaxage.