Nelson Gomes Affonseca Netto
PhD student
MSc. at University of North Florida in 2018

Main project: Friction Stir Processing (FSP) and mitigation of crack propagation through second-phase particles​
Funding: ERC
Supervisor(s): Aude Simar

IMMC main research direction(s):
Processing and characterisation of materials

metallic alloys
welding and joining

Research group(s): IMAP

Recent publications

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Journal Articles

1. Gomes Affonseca Netto, Nelson; Zhao, Lv; Soete, Jeroen; Pyka, Grzegorz; Simar, Aude. Manufacturing high strength aluminum matrix composites by friction stir processing: An innovative approach. In: Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol. 283, p. 116722 (2020). doi:10.1016/j.jmatprotec.2020.116722.

Conference Papers

1. Gomes Affonseca Netto, Nelson; Zhao, Lv; Ding, Lipeng; Soete, Jeroen; Idrissi, Hosni; Simar, Aude. Manufacturing High Strength Aluminum Matrix Composites by Friction Stir Processing: an Innovative Approach.

2. Simar, Aude; Arseenko, Mariia; Zhao, Lv; Gomes Affonseca Netto, Nelson; Ding, Lipeng; Idrissi, Hosni. Friction Stir Processed Al alloys for damage mitigation and healing.